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Bun out of the oven!
Cole is a bottomless pit 
3rd-Jul-2012 02:13 pm
Hi everyone! I'm not really on LJ as much anymore, but I do miss it. It's funny how whenever I want/need advice on something to do with Cole, I still always think to ask here first.

So I don't know if he's growth spurting or what, but he is asking me for food about 8000 times a day. Now, I am not against eating a lot, as long as it's the good stuff. Should I just make him bigger meals? I have to admit, preparing meals/snacks every 30 mins (not literally, but it seems like) is really annoying. Or maybe I could give him for "filling" foods? What is your meal/snack routine?

PS- he's starting kindergarten in August. So exciting! Pre K went really well.

Here is picture of him from the end of April. He rode his first bicycle race that day!


As a reminder, this is how you all probably remember him. (16 months here)


4th-Jul-2012 04:07 am (UTC)
Niv was eating tons for the past few days. Like, 3 eggs and two servings of hash browns and a piece of toast for breakfast, then snacking two hours later, then a huge lunch, and so on. And then, tonight, he suddenly ate only half of what I served him, when I expected him to eat two servings that size. So I vote for growth spurt. Heh. Who knows.

We have been working for years to try to help Niv control his intake a little. He tends to eat to overfull or keep eating just 'cause he likes what he's eating (hm...wonder who he gets that from...haha). I try have both Niv and Shai eat at regular intervals. (Shai was a snacker as a baby and just kept on being a snacker, even at 3.5. He doesn't overeat, though.) So we have breakfast around 7:30, snack at 10:30, lunch between 12:00 and 1:00, snack around 3:00-3:30, and dinner around 6:00. At least this way they're not eating constantly. I want them to eat as much as they need but also eat what I serve for meals, so it's not just snacks all day long. I have no idea if any of this makes sense or helps you at all.

And, hey, pictures, since you started it!

Niv's the big one with the red hair. :-p The middle one is Shai (3.5), and the baby is Gil (he'll be 10 months on Thursday!).

And, for comparison, here's Niv and Shai back in September of '09, when Niv was almost 3 and Shai was 9 months:

4th-Jul-2012 03:05 pm (UTC)
Treyvan goes through times like that too. I end up feeling like I'm just shoveling food down a bottomless pit, and then he stops and goes to picking at his food. A couple of days later I'll look at him and think he looks bigger.

Anytime he gets voracious like that, I try to give him more substantial snacks/meals, or rather make it less of a snack and more of an actual meal. That tends to help keep him full longer and it's better for a growing body.

And since we are showing off pictures...

here's one of Treyvan earlier this year when we were about to go to a local Renaissance Festival (Scarborough Faire)

Spring 2012, Getting ready for Scarborough Faire

And here's one from a couple of months before he turned two, walking in my shoes.

August 2008, walking in Mommy's shoes
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